La Ley TV is a grassroots television show that offers people access to the law. To fulfill his vision, attorney John H. Ruiz had Midtown design, construct and outfit a television studio on the 2nd floor of a 9-story office building.

The plan was to create a panel of attorneys, experts in real estate, immigration and finance and have them answer live calls and emails regarding legal questions. Midtown’s team of engineers built a control room and studio using state of the art Sony equipment.

Ruiz then came back to Midtown with an ambitious plan to build satellite La Ley studios and connect them back to the main studio using a T1 communications line. These satellite studios, called La Ley Cafes, have an onsite set, remote connections to the main studio, and touch screens. Using top of the line Panasonic equipment, and high-end SDI solutions, the satellite café is remotely connected to the main studio. The café offers live, interactive, town hall meetings on current issues facing the community.