House of Worship

World-Class System Design, Installation and Support


The design of a system for any house of worship or live venue is as much of an art as an engineering function. In these facilities, the feeling created by the lighting, sound and visual displays must be done in a more subtle way, while at the same time not compromising any effectiveness.

At Midtown Video, our team is very skilled in balancing those dynamics. We are also experts in making sure that your system is top of the line, yet still easy enough for your day-to-day operators to use without trouble.

Acoustics in modern ministries today are a far cry from traditional churches. The Midtown Video team will work closely with your clergy, music directors and building committees to be certain that your unique needs are fulfilled. We can even provide comprehensive designs describing equipment placement and necessary acoustical treatments required to provide the best sound. Your completed design will give you a fully integrated system that is flexible, versatile, easy-to-use and offers the clarity of speech and musical performance you desire.

Although sound is important, your system is more than sound; don’t forget lighting and video!  Our certified lighting designers will create an ambiance that will provide a peaceful environment while keeping the focus on the presenters. We are also skilled at projectors and video walls to keep even those in the back in-tune to the service.

We can even set up LiveU live broadcasting for you!

Whatever your needs, Midtown Video is dedicated to helping you to enhance the experience for your audience.


Broadcasting & Live Streaming

Demand for video programming in all industries is skyrocketing. We design and build multi-camera studios, control rooms, and streaming systems so you can create and distribute captivating content.

Boardrooms, Meeting Rooms & Huddle Spaces

Seamlessly integrating the components of an automated conference room takes the stress out of video teleconferencing. Experience expert collaboration technology.

Video Walls Multi-Screen Installations

Scale up and achieve customer impact. Video walls entertain, educate and inform like nothing else.

Arenas, Auditoriums, Cinema, and Live Theaters

Take sports and entertainment to the next level and increase your exposure with LED walls and ribbons, digital signage, and projection. Deliver maximum audio-visual impact for teams, sponsors, and fans.

Designing the right solution for your vision and goal is our top priority.

As experts in converging AV and IT technology, we help you choose the best equipment from world class manufacturers. The focus is to create robust systems that are simple and intuitive to use. You receive white glove installation services from site survey to completion. And, we keep it going with training and dependable equipment maintenance for the life of the system.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experts in converging technology
  • More than 35 years of success
  • Experienced and reliable design and engineering team
  • White glove installation from site survey to completion
  • Partnerships with trusted manufacturers
  • Detailed quotes, diagrams, and statements of work
  • Onsite training and technical support throughout the life of your system

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