Venue Sound and Video

World-Class System Design, Installation and Support

Large Venue Sound and Video

Working in large venues such as sports arenas, concert halls and convention centers requires experience as well as engineering expertise. Our work with some of the most storied venues in Florida creates a solid foundation for crafting an optimal solution for your venue – be it an updated sound system, large-format video displays, A/V production integration or all three. We work with the top technology for venues in the world and will help you craft a solution that addresses your present needs and can scale up for the future.

Large Venue Projects


Broadcasting & Live Streaming

Demand for video programming in all industries is skyrocketing. We design and build multi-camera studios, control rooms, and streaming systems so you can create and distribute captivating content.

Boardrooms, Meeting Rooms & Huddle Spaces

Seamlessly integrating the components of an automated conference room takes the stress out of video teleconferencing. Experience expert collaboration technology.

Video Walls Multi-Screen Installations

Scale up and achieve customer impact. Video walls entertain, educate and inform like nothing else.

Arenas, Auditoriums, Cinema, and Live Theaters

Take sports and entertainment to the next level and increase your exposure with LED walls and ribbons, digital signage, and projection. Deliver maximum audio-visual impact for teams, sponsors, and fans.

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