February 23, 2019

Iconic artist, author, and advocating feminist, Judy Chicago presented a new site-specific performance exhibition in the Miami Design District Jungle Plaza on February 23, 2019. Entitled A Purple Poem for Miami, Chicago’s smoke performance was an event that took her a full year of preparation. Doors opened to the public at 5:30pm for the ticketed event and Miami was filled with colored smoke and fireworks at 6:15pm on behalf of the Institute of Contemporary Art, The New Tropic, Salon 94, and the Miami Design District.


Midtown Video had the pleasure of live streaming this unique experience for Judy Chicago on ICA’s YouTube page with the help of LiveU and Sony equipment. The technology provided by Midtown included but was not limited to a LiveU 300 encoder, a LiveU 2000 decoder, a Panasonic AWHS-50 Switcher, and a Sony PMW300 camera. Even with limited access to internet in the area, the LiveU 300 encoder, (with attached dual cellular modems from both Verizon and AT&T) was enough to successfully stream a clear performance. For productions that are limited in crew, this combination of compact equipment yields a low cost and yet results in a powerful HD image production system.