Frida recently finished construction of all-new office space at their flagship HQ in the ultra-hip Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, FL. The new space brings their rapidly growing global staff together in a collaborative and connected environment where everyone can work instantly with clients, co-workers, and customers around the world. The Frida brand has a great sense of humor and a soothing color palette – cues that Midtown Video took into account during the design and integration of the spaces.

Tasked with bringing this always-connected vision to life in a way that would be seamless, immediate, and awesome, Midtown Video brought together a team of experts in video, audio, communications, and system design.

The project includes 11 conference rooms, the CEO’s office, conference-enabled group workspaces, and all-hands meeting space. Enhancing the experience is an office-wide sound system for background music with individual zone controls. In addition, Midtown Video is providing long-term system maintenance and support.

The Zoom rooms feature occupancy sensors that automate the power-on of lights and screens. Users have a familiar interface in each room, with scheduling panels and zoom touch panels by Crestron and Apple (iPads) where wireless was desired. Control surfaces sync with G-Suite calendars and provide immediate management of zoom calls, attendees, and connected devices. Robust installation hardware creates a clean, wire-free setup while providing flexible screen positioning and access.

In the all-hands meeting space, Midtown implemented Panasonic’s automatic camera tracking on the presenter, and a Vaddio Roboshot facing the audience with automatic switching between audience and presenter to accommodate remote attendees. Midtown configured a Panasonic 10K Lumens Laser Projector, a Draper projector lift, and a motorized projection screen.

The installation at Frida is groundbreaking in the ways that it acknowledges the realities and opportunities of working in 2022 – where people can connect instantly across any distance – where jumping on a zoom call is as easy as dropping in on a co-worker in the next cubicle – and where gathering together as a community means including everyone no matter how near or how far.