Midtown Video has enjoyed a long relationship with CAMP – the innovative brand reinventing the retail experience across the USA. Our work with CAMP has taken us to Los Angeles CA, New York NY, Tyson VA, and now Atlanta GA for their newest installation Disney The Little Mermaid+CAMP

Camp’s themed stores rotate the experiences from city to city regularly. Midtown has participated in additional openings including the Trolls Experience in Manhattan, Encanto (which opened in Tyson’s, having just vacated the Manhattan location), Bluey in Los Angeles, and The Doodles in Chicago.

Midtown Video has implemented an innovative use of Dante audio Networking on the client’s infrastructure to allow expedited changes with each thematic rotation. The system uses Dante-enabled speakers from Soundtube installed on a Unistrut grid with 70 or more network jacks located 13’ above the floor, which allows us to digitally re-allocate speakers to zones and seamlessly accommodate any new thematic experience.

The installation in Atlanta involved the integration of interactive games that are projected into the environment and triggered through remote sensing, creating a magical, seamless experience for participating customers.

“Behind CAMP’s Magic Door is a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience where families can climb, slide, sing, dance, and play in the world of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

With live music, puppetry, and magic, there’s something for everyone! Explore Triton’s Throne Room, go on a scavenger hunt for Ariel’s treasures, slide through Ursula’s Lair, watch a live mermaid comedy show, and play EVERYWHERE.”

Working with CAMP has been a great experience – their dedication to innovation has made them a valued partner to Midtown Video. When clients are pushing boundaries, our collaboration leads to new insight and ideas, extending our capabilities as we work to make their ideas come to life.

Check out some photos below and a short video of Halle Bailey from the movie “The Little Mermaid” experiencing the installation for the first time.