Kobre & Kim, the go-to intercontinental law firm specializing in disputes and investigations, faces unique challenges in coordinating resources from multiple global offices. IT Analyst Cardell Graham enlisted Midtown Video to build three dedicated video teleconferencing boardrooms on the 19th floor of their downtown Miami offices. The goal was to create an atmosphere where international attorneys and staff could share information efficiently.

Early in the integration process, Midtown Video’s technical team realized that preserving and featuring the esthetics of the workspace was as critical to the success of the project as providing state of the art technology. In the largest 24- seat conference room, the user-friendly Crestron 3-Series processor drives the system. A Sony 4K Ultra HD large screen display and Lifesize video processors and cameras provide high quality video imaging. Using Clearone Beamformer microphones insure clear audio from anywhere in the room. Similar solutions are installed in two smaller “war” rooms for meetings and depositions.

The offices are now staged for on camera consultations with no room for imperfection in the elegant workplace nor glitches in the video conferencing exchange. With offices throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean, collaboration is a breeze and travel not required.