Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital wanted to add five new video walls that would enable them to deliver messages to employees and visitors in an impactful way in high traffic, indoor/outdoor breezeways. The installations presented many challenges including addressing weather and security concerns. The AV-IT team invited Midtown Video to survey the video wall locations and discuss the project.

After a walk-through with the project manager, Frank Caldera we submitted a plan that addressed all concerns for keeping the equipment safe and secure with customized thermostat control and vandal-proof enclosures. The timeline was tight with a ribbon-cutting ceremony looming.

The phenomenal walls include 16 Planar Clarity Matrix 46” G2 LCD systems, 4 Planar MP3450 ContentSmart Media Players and 4 custom 2×2 video wall enclosures. In some instances, the equipment closet was over 300 feet from the installation, and up one flight, but nothing four of our strongest installers couldn’t manage! We’re very proud of the customized enclosures we developed for the video walls. They met demanding requirements of size, security, and ability to withstand the diverse weather conditions of South Florida without sacrificing viewing clarity.

The project was completed on time and within budget. Midtown Video account manager, Chari Hill says, “This was a terrific opportunity to show all of our skills with a high profile, challenging project. Seeing the final result was truly gratifying.” New projects for the health system are in the works.