Miami, Florida – Comunidad de Fe Ministries has embraced technology with enthusiasm in order to spread their spiritual message. They had an ambitious goal to produce state of the art digital programming and play it throughout their campus.

They embarked on a three-part plan: upgrading the church’s television facilities to high definition, upgrading their CCTV system and monitors to handle HD signals, and training twenty church volunteers to operate the new system.

The Midtown Video team evaluated the existing equipment and suggested the church add a Sony MCS8M multi-format switcher to mix computer signals from their presentation software and a variety of media playback. The switcher takes DVI, HDMI, and HDSDI so they can mix many incoming sources during their live shows. The Panasonic HPX370 HD studio cameras work well with the Panasonic AWHE120 PTZ camera that can be controlled remotely. The system uses an AJA Ki Pro recorder to capture the live program signal in a ready to edit codec and a Contemporary Research QMOD-SDI Modulator distributes the live HD feed or edited program over RF cable to every HD monitor in the CCTV system. Midtown created a mini cable channel for the facility.

After installing the new gear, Midtown did a comprehensive reconfiguration of cameras and lighting to enhance the viewers experience throughout the campus including the lobby and bookstore and trained the volunteers. The leaders know they can turn to Midtown when new volunteers come on board and questions arise, that is the advantage of working with a company that has been serving the production community since 1984.