Midtown Video has a long history of working with the University of Miami across departments and facilities. In particular, our partnership with the UM Athletic Department has resulted in various successful installations, designs, and integrations (check out the Rotunda!!)

In 2022, UM Baseball embarked on a plan to double the size of the weight room. Our previous project in their Player Development Center (PDS) prompted them to upgrade the sound and A/V in the weight room to meet or exceed performance in the PDS. This installation employs Danley Sound Labs Subwoofers and Speakers, a system of 4 different 65″ monitors for the strength coach to display workouts and schedules, and state-of-the-art GymAware products that track and display fitness data during use.

Audio System
This is the crown of the Weight Room Upgrade. Midtown Video delivered Danley Sound Labs speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers in a system deserving of the World Champion Hurricanes.

Users can control the volume from a Crestron panel in the coach’s office, or from a volume knob located in the weight room. Users can select from Bluetooth, or any video source (TV channels, AppleTVs) to play over the speakers.

6x Danley Sound Labs Loudspeakers with U-Brackets, secured directly to the concrete
2x Danley Sound Labs Subwoofers, suspended from the ceiling with Unistrut and threaded rod
Danley Sound Labs  PRO Amplifier
Crestron 10″ Control Panel in Coach’s Office | Biamp Volume Knob with LCD Panel installed in the weight room

Video System
UM needed the ability to post schedules, workout routines, notes, and broadcast TV on each of the 3 monitors throughout the facility. Mounted high above the floor, they have tilt mounts for ease of viewing. An additional monitor displays content in the coach’s office.

3x 65″ Monitors on weight room walls
1x 55″ Monitor in the coach’s office
2x Apple Airplays (one for laptop, one for PC, option also to share wirelessly from an iPad)
2x CableTV tuners

1x 10″ Crestron Wallplate in Coach’s office