The health and safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. Under current criteria, DHS has deemed integrators an essential business, so we are able to operate during this emergency in support of our customers. The work we do is critical to keep your business running, and we’re committed to being there when you need us most. Here’s how we’re responding:
  • We continue to follow and comply with federal and state government mandates as they are issued and updated.
  • We are helping companies quickly and efficiently bring a remote workforce online.
  • We are solving technical issues remotely and in some cases on-site following recommended safety measures for our technicians and your staff.
Protecting your business and keeping it running efficiently and growing is our goal. Midtown Video is standing by to help you.

On the Job:
  • Our installers are wearing protective masks at all times
  • They’re utilizing gloves when permitted (gloves may obstruct when working with racks)
  • Spray bottles are taken to site to use on surfaces as needed
  • Unless necessary, our installers are keeping a 6′ minimum distance between them
  • Upon arrival back to our offices, they’re continuing to utilize masks and are requested to wash their hands
  • All sizable materials being returned to our warehouse is being sprayed down with Lysol
  • All our vans have antibacterial hand sanitizer to be used before and after the vans are utilized

At the Office:
We have rearranged the entire office so that everyone has their own space – most have their own office. Two techs share a very large space, they have their own desks/computer stations and they are rarely in the office since they are installing on site.  In the office:
  • We wear masks
  • We wash our hands frequently
  • We keep 6’ apart
  • We only are in the kitchen one at a time (the limit of 2 but so far it has either been empty or only occupied by one person)