Catch Jesse Miller expanding on the UMiami Football Locker Room installation and the role that AVPro played in this installation – AVPro is an electronics manufacturer of cutting edge Audio Video distribution & testing equipment.

Step into the realm of enhanced athlete experience at the University of Miami’s football locker room, where technology takes center stage! Take a sneak peek behind the scenes as we unveil the remarkable evolution of their locker room. From dynamic visual displays to interactive gaming zones. With the help of Midtown Video, this innovative setup caters to a range of needs, enriching the overall athlete experience. Join us as we explore the collaborative efforts that made this project successful, all while underlining the role of advanced tech from AVPro Edge. Immerse yourself in the realm of evolving sports technology, where college football athletes engage and unwind like never before. Watch now to see how the partnership with Midtown Video created the University of Miami’s versatile AV setup. Unlocking a new level of athlete entertainment!