Since we started Midtown Video in 1984 we’ve had three addresses – and only two logos!  This clearly illustrates that:

A: Worrying about our logo isn’t something we do

B: We were so busy building AWESOME SYSTEMS for our clients that we couldn’t find the time

C: We must be marketing geniuses and went into the wrong line of work

D: We are running out of business cards in the supply closet so it was kind of time….

Or maybe… With new leadership and new ideas, there comes a time for a new look!

Aaaand it’s fair to say that if you can name the root technology of our original logo you – like some of us at Midtown Video – are gazing fondly at your AARP card and thinking about how great your hair looked back in 1984 – when you had any…. Yes, that’s an oscilloscope – a key piece of video tech back in the day if you wanted your cameras calibrated and your test patterns just right!

As anyone who has gone through a visual brand refresh can attest – it’s a bit of all of the above. In any case, we are excited to be launching the NEW MIDTOWN VIDEO BRAND!
We still hold true to our humble beginnings as South Florida’s very first all video broadcast and production equipment rental and sales company. As our mission states: Midtown Video delivers systems that our customers use with pride and confidence

Since 1984 Midtown Video has been a leader in developing advanced technology solutions for enterprise-level organizations seeking to communicate, collaborate and connect. We develop solutions that are optimized for users, that simplify complex challenges, and that provide powerful automation and intelligence to make your work efficient and effective.


From 1984 to 2023 – and beyond!