Midtown Video just made that happen for tattoo artist and star of Miami Ink, Ami James. He hosted an eight week Facebook Live sponsored show called Mystery Tattoo. Danish production company Drive Studios hired us to provide the live streaming services, a critical component of the show. Our early adoption of live streaming techniques used on the monthly .videoshow with Jesse Miller for five years got us the gig.


While working on Mystery Tattoo we were faced with many challenges. One was the low internet bandwidth from the tattoo parlor where we were streaming. We overcame that by splitting the stream across wifi, LAN, and 4G LTE data using the LiveU Solo encoder.

The recent release of Facebook’s live delivery platform is creating demand for live television content that looks professional and broadcast worthy. Facebook is enlisting high end production companies to offer compelling content that attracts viewers. Mystery Tattoo episodes garnered more than a million views. This live streaming phenom is resonating with our customers and we have been getting many requests to provide reliable streaming services as well as creating studios for them to produce on their own. Read more about Mystery Tattoo on our Projects page.