Marc Lipson and his partner opened a storefront in a mall where they offer cooking classes. They have private classes, parties, and cooking events. The school offers in-person and online courses for more advanced bakers and an entrepreneur-style workshop for teens who want to grow a business selling baked goods.

They wanted to add a component for remote participants via zoom, and eventually a live stream for free youtube content.

Midtown was introduced to the client by Mike Greckel of Mega Services. Mega knows Midtown as an expert in production and streaming, and gave us a referral to design and procure the equipment while their team handled onsite installation.

Midtown selected the Tricaster TC1 and implemented a Netgear M4300 10GB Switch as all sources (and in-room display destinations) are NDI devices. Where devices were not NDI-Native, we used the Birddog Flex line to convert HDMI signals to NDI and vice versa.

An important feature for the system was Marc’s ability to control camera selection and other streaming commands while presenting as the talent. Working with our programming partner, Danny Sell, we implemented a custom set of Macros to enable Marc to perform and control the stream from a wireless windows tablet.

Another critical element is enabling remote cooking students to ask questions and participate as though they are in the kitchen studio. Danny’s programming and the Biamp Tesiraforte CI allowed all of this to happen seamlessly.

The result? Sweet success!