Well, they’ve finally done it.  Just 2 short years after competitor Fujinon released the Cabrio series of servo-zoom PL lenses, Canon responds with their own models.  Extra credit: these bad boys can service PL mount AND EF cameras.  The new lenses have electronic contacts to interface with the Cooke /i terminals, and also a 12 pin cable to interface with the Sony PMW-F5/F55 cameras.  The cable even has a little garage to keep it tucked away when connected to an EF camera like the C300-EF.

Canon 4K Servo Zoom Lens with Cooke /i contacts and 12-Pin Cable w/Garage


With a zoom range from 17mm (f2.95) to 120mm (f3.9), they cover slightly more ground than the 19mm – 90mm version of their aforementioned competition.  We can very likely look forward to additional zoom ranges in the future to compete with the rest of the Cabrio series.  The ergonomics on the Canon appear closer to the 2/3″ broadcast-style lenses that you would have mounted on your HDW-F900.  Even better: Canon has the lower price.  MSRP on this lens is $31,350.00, and yes, you can pre-order from your buddies at Midtown Video.