The Digital Cinema EOS line-up of top flight cameras propelled the Canon brand and now filmmakers from students to event videographers to corporate shooters to long form feature DP’s are using the Canon C100, C300, and C500 cameras. I remember when the XL 1 was all the rage just before the DSLR’s charged onto the video scene sans audio and I saw  Rodney Charters, DP of the Fox series 24 at the Canon booth at NAB 2011 talking about how he carried his DSLR behind the scenes during the shoot and even might have said he shot some, what I call “B” roll for the series with it. That was wild, until I was blown away by the newest evolution – Cinema EOS cameras. Of course, we were thrilled to be selected as one of only 21companies in the U.S. authorized to provide the line to customers and the only reseller in Florida.

Last week Midtown Video sent out a few announcements saying that the Instant Rebates and 0% financing was going away at the end of June, then, guess what? I find in my in-box a Canon announcement that the promotions were so popular that they are being extended (or brought back). What that means is you can get $3,000 back when you buy a Canon Cinema EOS C500 camera, $2,000 back with a C300 purchase and $1,000 rebate when you buy the C100. There are more opportunities to save big when you add an AJA, Convergent Design or Codec recorder to your C500 camera package. And, to sweeten these incredible deals, Canon is also offering 24 month, 0% financing again (or still.) Oh, and I want to mention there is also a rebate for renting one of the cameras from Midtown as well.